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The Behotec company founded in 1989 began producing model turbine engines and retracts in 1992. However as a precision engineering company Behotec has for many years been manufacturing and supplying high precision items and components for medical, aviation and aerospace use. Behotec is fully equipped with modern CNC machining systems, which allows total control of both quality and repeatability. The innovation and design standards of Behotec products are extremely high. Our production system and constant attention to quality control ensures that not only are our production standards maintained but also that repair and service work is to the same high standards.
The company produce turbines in a thrust range between 130 - 220Newton. All these engines have proven track records and are very competitive both in regards price and performance. Behotec Turbines have an enviable reputation for quality and reliability. Test run Certificates are supplied with all engines.


Jet engines with a thrust of 130-220N, Use in the model jet, Aviation - Reconnaissance - UAVs and industry.

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High performance electric or pneumatic retracts, for models between 3 - 50kg weight. Application in rc - models, and use in UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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Pneumatic, valves, spares

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